New Life

6 октомври, 2013

They say life is an experiment.

Do I believe them?

Or do I say I know better?

Or do I check their hypothesis?


You see – I’m already narrowing it down; creating a list of scenarios, like in any decent experiment.

I guess they’re right.



But why guess? Why not firmly believe something. And if yes – let’s just believe it – then how do we actually DO IT? By watching hundreds of Nike commercials and letting them do the subliminal messaging trick? Hm, I guess their ridiculously obvious message can still be used for subtle fine tuning of the target audience.

And since we’ve touched such sensitive topics as the point of existence or the meaning of life or how to find the Universe’s destiny, we might as well ask ourselves – do we want to be THAT serious?

i’m alive?

23 октомври, 2010

so there i was walking down the street
kinda surprised to be there ’cause…
i don’t know, there’s a lot of bad shit goin’ on in the world
rape and murder
racism and starvation
and i’m feeling like i’m doin’ pretty good for myself, you know?
i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that?
anyway, i was thinking about rap music in general and i feel bad
i mean, where you going to go after the beverly hillbillies?
rap hit it’s peak in the 60s
i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that?
eh, what do you want, something profound in every verse?
„jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so“
i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that? i’m alive, how’s that?
i like to drink beer, i like to make love, i like to jam!
i like read bukowski buck naked, i like intellectual conversations
i like to jump around like a maniac!
i like to sit very still „right…“

be sound

14 юни, 2010

lying sideways atop crumpled sheets and no covers

14 юни, 2010

Tear gas

15 март, 2010


love will tear us apart



love love love

I was strolling down past Paris way
I walked through the streets

in the light of the day
I knew that summer had arrived when I saw your eyes

When I see you when I hope

that it was Good
as it was good for me
as it was good for you
then it was good for me

And love

love will tear us apart



5 март, 2010


Сърце. Състезание.